Yael Teff-Seker



Dr. Teff-Seker has a Ph.D. in Conflict Studies from the Hebrew University (received October 2013) and is a researcher at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning and a lecturer at the Arava Institute of Environmental Studies since 2014. Her academic interests include cultural ecosystem services, marine planning and policy, environmental education and cross-border environmental conflict and cooperation.

Research Summary:

Dr. Teff-Seker’s study at the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, advised by Prof. Orenstein, focuses on the assessment of Cultural Ecosystem Services (CES). In her study, she employs a novel technique of walking interviews that combines Focusing – a method developed by Eugene Gendlin that strives to extract the implicit knowledge that exists within our bodies, putting into words the non-verbal information of a person’s comprehensive experience of nature. The study, now including over 150 interviews and several partners around the world, was performed in four locations in 2017-2018: the Negev desert, Texel Island (Netherlands), Finland and Scotland. Recently (2019), a fifth location was added, on the Island of Losinj (Croatia).

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Posters and Presentations

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Book Chapters

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