Ilia Amenuel

Short biographyIlia Amenuel is a M.A. research student at the Porter School for Environmental Studies at Tel-Aviv university. His research,co-advised by Prof. Daniel Orenstein and Prof. Juval Portugali, focuses on the dynamic thatoccurs between the urban system and the spontaneous plant life in it. Ilia earned his B.Arch inTel-Aviv university and is a licensed and practicing architect with professional experience inpublic commercial and residential buildings, currently focusing on urban renewal.

Title of thesis/dissertationThe city and spontaneous plant life within it, co-adaptation of two complex systems; A casestudy of tropical species of ficus adapting to a mediterranean city in Israel.Research interestsComplexity theories of cities, reconciliation ecology, socio-ecology, urban ecology, urbansustainability.Professional interestsArchitecture, urban planning, urban renewal, sustainable and regenerative development