Jen Holzer

Dissertation topic: Evaluating activities and impacts of socio-ecological research in the Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research Network.



MPA, Environmental Science & Policy, Columbia University ’10
BA, Religion; Environmental Studies; Biology, Swarthmore College ’05


Before returning to academia for her doctorate at the Technion, Jen worked in a variety of positions related to environmental policy, management, and education in the United States. These experiences included managing energy efficiency programs for public utilities, writing grade-school curricula on energy issues, creating a training program for climate change interns, consulting on municipal climate action plans, and conducting background research for environmental lawsuits. In her free time, Jen enjoys hiking, creative writing, and flamenco dance.

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Posters and Presentations

Holzer, J. Lessons from global socio-ecological research for the Cairngorms National Park LTSER. Ecosystem Services Community Scotland (ESCom) Annual Conference 2018. June 28, 2018. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Holzer, JNegotiating local vs. global needs in ILTER’s socio-ecological research agenda. National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center Symposium: Boundary Spanning: Advances in Socio-Environmental Systems Research. June 11-13, 2018. Annapolis, Maryland, USA.



Holzer, J.M., Adamescu, M.C., Bonet-García, F.J., Díaz-Delgado, R., Dick, J., Grove, J.M., Rozzi, R., Orenstein, D.E. Negotiating local vs. global needs in the International Long Term Ecological Research (ILTER) Network’s Socio-Ecological Research Agenda. Environmental Research Letters. 13(10):105003. 2018.

Holzer, J., N. Carmon and D.E. Orenstein. Evaluating socio-ecological research: A proposed methodologyEcological Indicators85:808-819. 2018. Here is a brief, narrated slideshow that summarizes the main points of the article.

Dick, J., D.E. Orenstein, J. Holzer, C. Wohner, A. Achard, C. Andrews, N. Avriel-Avni, P. Beja, N. Blond, J. Cabello, C. Chen, R. Díaz-Delgado, G.V. Giannakis, S. Gingrich, Z. Izakovicova, K. Krauze, N. Lamouroux, S. Leca, V. Melecis, K. Miklós, M. Mimikou, G. Niedrist, C. Piscart, C. Postolache, A. Psomas, M. Santos-Reis, U. Tappeiner, K. Vanderbilt, G. Van Ryckegem. 2018. What is socio-ecological research delivering? A literature survey across 25 international LTSER platforms. Science of the Total Environment. 622-623(2018):1225-1240.

Avriel Avni, N., Holzer, J., H., Shachak, M., Orenstein, D.E., Groner, E. (2017). Using transdisciplinary action research toward sustainable management in the Negev Highlands. In T. Maposte (Ed.). Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Action Research and Action Learning. IGI Global. here

“Leveraging Environmental Data to Promote Cooperation Toward Integrated Watershed Management in the Hebron/Besor Watershed.” Palestine-Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture: Natural Resources and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Vol. 19, No. 4 & Vol. 20 No.1, 2014.

Conference Talks

Holzer, J., Witness to a paradigm shift or confronting inertia? Results from qualitative interviews at four LTSER platforms. ILTER annual conference. Nantes, France. October 2-4, 2017.

Holzer, J., Insights from a qualitative evaluation of three European socio-ecological research platforms. ALTER-Net Bi-annual conference. Ghent, Belgium. May 2-5, 2017.

Holzer, J., A brief history of LTSER. ALTER-Net Bi-annual conference. Ghent, Belgium. May 2-5, 2017.

Holzer, J., Transdisciplinary toward collaborative socio-ecological research. XXIst International Conference of the Society for Human Ecology, Santa Ana, CA, April, 2016.

Poster Presentations

Holzer, J., Avriel Avni, N., Orenstein D.E., Shachak, M., Groner, E. (2017). Using transdisciplinary action research in the Negev Highlands to address soil erosion. Intrepid Knowledge Barcelona Training School – on Inter and Transdisciplinary Urban Research, Barcelona.

Holzer, J., Orenstein DE. (2015) Lessons from Transdisciplinary Science for Socio-Ecological Research in Israel. Annual Meeting of the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Jerusalem. here


Blog posts

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